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These ‘Shtisel’ Cast Photos from the Set of Season 3 Give Us Life


As we informed you last month, production has started on the third season of Shtisel — everyone’s favorite Israeli show about the eponymous and fascinating ultra-Orthodox Jewish family.

And now we have more good news: This week, filming finally started on season 3. On Instagram, star Michael Aloni even posted incredible on-set pictures of himself and Shira Haas, fully costumed as Kiveh and Ruchami, respectively.

It’s truly amazing to see these two, fully costumed and together again. Kiveh is in pajamas, with his payes and a kippah on, and Ruchami, a newly married woman, wears a sheitel, the customary wig worn by married women. Honestly, seeing her like that is giving us some welcome flashbacks to Haas’ incredible work in Unorthodox as the miniseries’ main character, Esty Shapiro.

As for Shtisel, this wasn’t the first scene filmed for the new season. Yes Studios, the Israeli satellite and TV production company that produces the series, posted some photos from the first scene shot, with Doval’e Glickman as Shulem, the family’s complex and entertaining patriarch, reading some Torah in the family’s living room while babysitting a grandchild, or possibly a great-grandchild? The scene appears to be a dialogue between Shulem and Kiveh, as you can see Aloni in the shot as well.

We wonder how soon after season 2 the third season takes place. Is this a confrontation between father and son, or a casual conversation? We can’t wait to find out!

Also, check out this very realistic board book with pictures of rabbis in it:

board book with rabbis in a crib

Image via Yes Studios Instagram

Yes Studios has also posted some amazing photos for fittings for Zohar Strauss, who plays Lippe Weiss, Ruchami’s father and our somewhat problematic fave.

Fortunately, in these sneak peeks, we also see that the cast and crew are doing their best to stay safe while working during a pandemic. The crew all seems to have their masks on, and are doing their best to social distance, although we know that’s not always possible. Stay healthy and safe everyone — we need you!

These photos are just so thrilling — seeing these actors together again is finally helping it set in that season 3 is truly coming, after this long, long wait. What a lovely thing to look forward to in this difficult time.

Image via Yes Studios Instagram

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