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This Charming Jewish Grandpa Wrote the Perfect Vaccination Ditty


Our favorite Jewish grandpa, Michael Kramer, is back at it with the pandemic ditties! Back in July 2020, this talented, singing grandfather of three encouraged us all to practice Covid safety with his adorable original song called “You’ve Got to Wear a Mask.”

This time around, he’s hoping to get his fellow Americans to stop fearing and start loving the Covid-19 vaccine, with a catchy new song entitled “Roll Up Your Sleeves.”

Like his previous video, this song is also a digitally stitched-together duet — in which Kramer does two sets of vocals (and you can hear his upbeat piano in the background, as well). This new video features Kramer — whom his grandkids know as Papa — playing two different characters. On the left of our screens is a blue shirt-clad Kramer, donning a baseball cap, who has already gotten the vaccine; his “clone” and duet partner, sitting to his right, with a pink bouquet between them, is a bit of a vaccine skeptic.

“Hey pal, have you gotten the vaccine?” the cap-wearing Kramer asks his song partner.

“No, it’s too much trouble,” the other Kramer replies.

Bursting into song, the blue-shirt Kramer admits that he, too, was wary: “I wasn’t sure if the vaccine was safe for me,” he croons. But, since he’s gotten his dose, “it’s been almost like magic,” and he’s celebrating the joy of hugging his vaccinated friends (and, we assume, his children and grandchildren, too).

A minute in, Kramer successfully convinces his skeptic counterpart to “roll up his sleeve” and get some o’ that vax — all thanks to his “cutting to the chase, pal” (“and I also like your face, pal,” the skeptical Kramer admits, in what is a pretty darling Jewish dad joke).

It’s such a sweet and catchy little ditty, and Kramer is as charming as ever with his facial expressions, expressive hand gestures, and bat/bar mitzvah dance floor-reminiscent dance moves.

As we’re all hoping for more and more of us to get vaccinated and help the nation reach herd immunity, a little dose (the song is just under two and a half minutes) of anti-anti-vax music is just what we need.

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