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This ‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Parody Is So Jewish and So Funny


Jewish women are taking over the superhero world! First, there was Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and then there’s Scarlett Johansson starring as the titular character in the forthcoming Black Widow. Zoe Kravitz is about to star as our favorite supervillain, Catwoman, and now we’re here to welcome… “The Marvel’s Mrs. Maisel?”

Wait —  there’s a Midge-centered superhero movie franchise?

Well, not quite. The uber-popular fictitious Jewish housewife-turned-comic isn’t really joining the MCU (that’s “Marvel cinematic universe,” for those of you without teens). But funnyman James Corden did create a hilarious and very Jew-y parody video starring none other than Midge herself, Rachel Brosnahan. Honestly? We love it.

In a super-fun video for The Late Late Show, Corden — who recently gifted us with this amazing Jewish boyband Hanukkah parody — stars as the director the new fictional franchise, “The Marvel’s Mrs. Maisel.” (It’s a pun so good, in fact, that Comedy Central also has a mashup video with the same name, which is also very much worth watching).

“At first I was skeptical,” Broshnahan explains in the segment, “then he explained the similarities Mrs. Maisel has with superheroes.”

Corden continues, “They both speak truth to power, they both have memorable catch phrases, and they both have daddy issues.” (Perhaps… Though, to be fair, Abe Weissman is also pretty marvelous, and has a great romper game!)

Corden’s genius franchise idea (his follow-up to Cats, he insists) ends up being a flop — turns out Mrs. Maisel’s only super power is making Jewish jokes out of every superhero scene!

The parody is just so Jewish: There are references to New York’s very Jewish diamond district (Uncut Gemsanyone?), and Mrs. Maisel asks Thor if his hammer is circumcised. She even uses Captain America’s shield to get a tan ahead of her upcoming Catskills vacation.

She gets chided by Corden for asking Spider Man if he’s related to Dr. Spiderman of the Upper West Side — “There are a lot of Spidermans in the city, we go to temple with like, five of them!” she protests.

So, in the end, the superhero movie is a bit of a bust. But luckily, Corden insists he has a great idea for another Maisel-related franchise: He’s switching to products. With the approval of a shih tzu that’s sitting on his lap, Cordon says he is developing a gefilte fish-flavored Marvelous Mrs. Marmalade!

Watch this entire hilarious video below:


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