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  • Jul 14 2014
    Suggest a Mourning Ritual For This Adorable Kitty

    From the Kaddish to the shiva, Jewish tradition provides us with plenty of rituals to grieve for loved ones who have died. But what about pets? When a furry family member passes away, why doesn’t Jewish law offer us a meaningful way … Continue reading


  • Jul 10 2014
    “Frozen is the New Black” Stars the Saddest Disney Princesses You’ve Ever Seen

    You won’t know whether to laugh or cry over this devastating mashup. Who would do this to Princess Elsa? Basically, the “Frozen” princess (reimagined as Piper Chapman from “Orange is the New Black”) finds herself doing time with hardened Disney princesses … Continue reading


  • Jul 8 2014
    We’re Hiring (Again!)

    As we announced a few months ago, Kveller and its parent company MyJewishLearning, Inc. are merging with the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Now we are looking for a Director of Audience Development to join our Manhattan-based team. Do you know the … Continue reading


  • Jun 23 2014
    Baltimore Peeps: Kveller Needs Your Help

    Living in Baltimore? Kveller needs YOUR help. While we love all of our readers equally, Kveller is currently looking to learn more about the thoughts and opinions of readers living in the Baltimore area. Please help us out by completing … Continue reading


  • Jun 20 2014
    Up Close: Ali & Patrick McDonald

    1. How did you and your spouse meet? Patrick and I met in a wine bar, in Kansas City. I was visiting family from out of town and went out for a drink with my mom. The bar was crowded, … Continue reading


  • Jun 19 2014
    Up Close: Amy Ravis Furey & Brian Furey

    1. Are you raising your kid(s) with one religion, both religions, or somewhere in between? We are a Jewish family that has a Catholic dad and we are proud of that distinction. Our children like to ask a lot of … Continue reading


  • Jun 17 2014
    Up Close: Michelle Tirella-Ventura & Andre Ventura

    1. How did you and your spouse meet? Andre and I met through our mutual friend, Juli, who insisted that I go see her new home and meet her cute contractor who she happened to mention I had a lot in … Continue reading


  • Jun 16 2014
    Up Close: Tamara Reese & Family

    1. In what ways have your kids taken part in religious holidays/events with their non-Jewish family members? I converted, so my parents (my children’s grandparents) are not Jewish. My husband was raised by his Jewish mother, z”l. His father is not … Continue reading


  • Jun 13 2014
    Up Close: Elizabeth & Matthew

    1. How did you and your spouse meet? We met in high school and stayed connected while attending different colleges. 2. Are you raising your kid(s) with one religion, both religions, or somewhere in between?


  • Jun 12 2014
    Up Close: Carin & Mike Mrotz

      1. How did you and your spouse meet? Some mutual friends were road-tripping and made a stop in the Twin Cities, visiting both of us separately and introducing us in the process. But when we met, Mike was a … Continue reading


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