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10 Fun and Festive Passover-Themed Face Masks

In this second pandemic Passover  — sigh — many of us are looking for some ways to brighten up the holiday. While some lucky, vaccinated folks may be able to gather with other vaccinated households, as per CDC guidelines, most of us will be having very intimate seders, or yet another Zoom celebration. Either way, face masks are still very much a part of our lives — and there are so many creative and festive options!

Of course, even as the coronavirus pandemic slowly begins to fade, 10 plagues remain this year: Those in the Passover story! In honor of this iconic, interactive portion of the Passover seder — in which we recite each of the plagues, as participants spill drops of wine from their cups —  check out our 10 favorite Passover masks that you can order online, shipped right in time for the holiday.

1. Passover Matzah Face Mask (Etsy, $9.00)

This Passover-themed mask has a little something for everyone, including illustrations of matzah, wine, candlesticks and haggadahs. It’s also for everyone; it comes in both adult and kids sizes.

2. Snoopy Passover Mask (Etsy, $11.98)

If you can’t get enough of the Peanuts, you’ll love this Happy Passover mask with Snoopy and Woodstock, reading what we assume is a haggadah. (Speaking of, check out the Kveller Haggadah if you’re looking for a family friendly seder guide!) This one-size, two-layer mask is great for everyday use.

3. Seder Plate Mask (Etsy, $19.95)

This soft 3-layer mask includes transliterated Hebrew names of all the items on a seder plate! With room for a filter, it is especially safe for gatherings and traveling in public. (Plus, free shipping within the U.S.)

4. Matzah Mask (Etsy, $3.99)

This two-layer, 100% cotton mask is festive and useful! It’s machine washable, has adjustable ear loops, and makes you have matzah on your face without having to eat it. Bonus: It can also be ordered with a matching scrunchie. Yay, fashion!

5. Got Matzah? Mask (Etsy, $12.00)

This spoof on the Got Milk? campaign is perfect for the jokester in your family, with GOT MATZAH? printed in white on black mask. The mask is handmade, and although it is one layer, it is great to pair over another mask for extra safety.

6. The Wise Son Mask (Etsy, $12.00)

From the same seller as the GOT MATZAH? mask, this black single-layer mask is a nod to the wise son, one of the four children we read about in the Passover Haggadah each year.

7. Kosher for Passover Mask (Etsy, $20.00)

Reading “Kosher for Passover” on a matzah background, this funny mask is perfect for a seder —  or for any of the eight days without bread. With a pocket for a filter and adjustable bands, this mask can be worn over and over.

8. Star of David Mask (Etsy, $7.99)

This timeless Jewish mask is festive for Passover — or any day, really! Adorned with blue and white Stars of David, the mask also has an optional filter pocket and adjustable elastic bands. After this year, it seems like a great idea to have a multi-purpose Jewish holiday mask!

9. Why Is This Plague Different? Mask (Amazon, $9.95)

This mask asks a punny question on many of our minds since last Passover: Why is this plague — coronavirus — different from the other Passover plagues? Both silly and pensive, this mask can be machine washed cold and hung up to dry.

10. What Happens at the Seder… Stays at the Seder Mask (Amazon, $9.95)

With a riff of the famous slogan, “What happens in Vegas…” this mask nods to the tradition and the risk of imbibing on the holiday. This two-ply mask, with a filter pocket, also features adjustable ear loops and is machine washable.

Header image via Etsy/Amazon

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