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Andy Cohen’s Baby’s Best Outfits, Ranked


As you may or may not know, we here at Kveller are obsessed — obsessed! — with Andy Cohen’s adorable son, Ben. (And yes, postpartum hormones may be related to said obsession). We love his Jewish name, we love his cute head of Semitic hair, and, of course, we love his outfits.

Now, as the mom of a 9-month-old myself, my absolute favorite thing is dressing my son. I spend more time coordinating outfits and online shopping for him than I ever did for myself. I try to match everything, from the socks to the coat. It’s not always easy but it is so much fun, and I’m taking advantage of the fact that my son is young enough not to care that I dress him or what I dress him in.

So I audibly gasped when I saw baby Ben wearing a pair of Fendi pants. I repeat: FENDI PANTS. Those will set you back a whopping $400. Which, let’s face it, is craziness for a pair of pants that will only fit for about 3 weeks, but also, craziness that makes sense coming from TV host Cohen.

The Fendi pants inspired me to look back at all the cute photos of baby Benjamin, and so I decided to rank his outfits. This isn’t in any way an “official” ranking, it’s more an excuse to admire the cute sartorial choices Cohen makes.

For a two-month-old baby, Ben’s got some serious style. Check it out:

6. This royal outfit

This outfit — gift from Porsha Williams of The Real Housewives of Atlanta — is pure ridiculous in the best of ways. It has everything: a crown, rhinestones, a bowtie, the works! It’s maybe a good gift for the future royal baby…  paging Meghan Markle BFF Jessica Mulroney…

5. It’s all about the Benjamin shirt

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I now run a snuggle factory in the West Village.

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Because nobody — repeat: nobody — is going to ask what the baby’s name is. Also, look at Andy’s smile! It’s just so cheesy and so good.

4. This very stylish pajama

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“The 40-Day-Old Virgin”

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We absolutely adore the retro print on these, along with baby Ben’s slicked back hair. Feels like he could be in a baby food ad.

3. The $400 Fendi pants

What I love about this outfit, aside from Mark Conseulos, is the fact that the Fendi pants are matched with a bear ear sweatshirt. I mean, after all, we shouldn’t take baby fashion TOO seriously.

2. These excellent baby overalls

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First Overalls! (He looks like a literal doll)

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I love me a baby in overalls. As Andy states, they make a baby look like an actual doll! And also, unlike grown-up overalls, which are a pain in the ass to go to the bathroom in, baby overalls usually come with handy buttons on the bottom that make diaper changes a breeze.

1. The Snoopy outfits

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The truth is that the best baby outfits are, well, baby outfits — fun, easy prints that you love putting your baby in. In my case, it’s a Moomin print onesie from Uniqlo, and in Andy’s case, it’s this sweet Snoopy top. Who doesn’t love Snoopy? Who doesn’t get warm, nostalgic feelings thinking of Peanuts cartoons? Not a human being with a heart, that’s for sure. Also, we love that Andy got MATCHING Snoopy PJs. (And you can, too, at Hanna Andersson.) So precious!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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