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Just a Bunch of Celebrities Eating Bagels

Turns out celebrities love bagels just as much as we do — except they can probably afford lox on their bagels a bit more often. In honor of this Yom Kippur break fast (for those of us fasting or not) here are a bunch of pictures to prove that even famous people cannot resist the considerable charms of a chewy, crusty bagel. Mmm.

1. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

The paparazzi caught this A-list couple their way out of Manhattan Bagels in Studio City with a paper bag of foodstuffs. Much like any tired mom, Mila’s got an extra-large beverage that we assume contains caffeine. We’re also assuming the Jewish mom is indoctrinating her kids with a love of bagels — she does do Shabbat with her kids, after all.

2. Robin Wright

Damn, this picture of Robin Wright eating a bagel sure is satisfying. Look at that chomp — there’s absolutely nothing dainty or princess-like about it, it’s all animalistic desire for that juicy lox. This is how you eat a bagel. Right on, Robin Wright, right on!

3. Seth Rogen

This is a picture of Seth Rogen getting ambushed by a bagel. Have you ever been ambushed by a bagel? I haven’t, but a girl can dream, right?  This photo was taken when a writer from Thrillist gave him a bagel, and asked him whether or not he prefers Montreal- or New York-style bagels. Rogen is a Canadian Jew, so you can guess how that went. (Also, the “New York bagel” actually came from Au Bon Pain — which, just, no.) The New York vs. Montreal bagels is not a fight I want to weigh on. All bagels are good. Give me all the bagels. Thank you and please.

4. Jimmy Kimmel

I know this picture exists because it suddenly appeared on the window of my local Bergen Bagels, as well as all the outposts of the New York chain.  I’m not sure why. Anyways, since Jimmy Kimmel has decided to be a better person — to be politically involved, and to help those less fortunate than him by standing up against Obamacare repeal — he apparently has also decided to publicly endorse the bagel, because how can you be a good person and not love bagels?

5. Kelly Ripa

Here is Kelly Ripa dressed up as Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s because of course. (OK, she’s at a pre-Oscar party.) She’s holding a coffee and a bagel in her hands, and I can only hope she ate that bagel and didn’t just use it for the photo op and discard of it without eating it like a savage.

6. Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian is the self-proclaimed bagel queen. She eats her bagels with cream cheese and jelly, which doesn’t sound like my jam, but hey, Kourt, you do you.

7. Chrissy Teigen

OK, OK. This is not the picture of Chrissy Teigen eating a bagel that the world is waiting for, but this is proof enough for me that she consumes the delicious holey orbs of dough. Also, her newest recipe book contains a recipe for an everything bagel bake. Whatever that is, I’m into it.

8. Zoe Kravitz

Kravitz has two Jewish grandparents, one from each side (her parents, Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, each have one Jewish parent) — so, therefore, her genes make her predisposed to a love of bagels. (Also, despite her otherworldly gorgeousness, she’s a living, breathing human being. And what human doesn’t love bagels?!?) Here she is enjoying a fine bagel from Frankel’s in Brooklyn and lamenting the fact that there is no bagel emoji. Agreed.

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Is there seriously no bagel emoji ??? 🍩 +🥖 ?

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9. Oprah (!!!)

We all know Oprah loves bread — ergo she must love bagels as well. Here she is enjoying jalapeno cheese bagels on the day after Christmas. You get a bagel, you get a bagel, everyone gets a bagel!


10. Adam Sandler

Here is a picture of Adam Sandler and his family at a bagel shop in Montreal. Does he prefer the Montreal version like his fellow funnyman Seth Rogen? Who cares! The point is that of course, Adam Sandler eats bagels. Also, the sky is blue and kittens are cute. These are just truths.

11. Emmy Rossum

This is for all of you who can’t eat bagels. I know. Some of you have gluten allergies. Some of you are on some diets and have stopped eating bagels. I respect you, I have love for you, I send you strength. Life without bagels is hard. (I know this because I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant, and couldn’t eat bagels. It was a life of sadness and misery.) Just look at this picture of Jewish actress Emmy Rossum sniffing a bagel that she can’t eat because she has a gluten allergy. I feel her pain.

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