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Andy Cohen Just Welcomed His Second Child. Mazel Tov!

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There’s nothing we love more than a surprise baby — especially when we’re talking about a surprise sibling for our favorite Jewish toddler of all time, Benjamin Allen Cohen, aka Andy Cohen‘s son.

The “Watch What Happens Live” host and Bravo showrunner just welcomed his second child, a daughter, born via surrogacy in Manhattan late last week. Unlike with Ben, his oldest, who was born in February of 2019, Cohen never announced he was expecting this baby (some of you may remember him revealing Ben’s gender and talking about his hopes for “Semitic hair” at the 2019 NYE broadcast with Anderson Cooper). So the news of the birth of Lucy Eve Cohen on Friday, April 29, took us all by surprise. Some of us may have audibly squealed with joy in the middle of the street. Some of us are me.

Cohen announced Lucy’s birth on social media, posting a picture that is wonderfully reminiscent of the one he used to announce Ben’s birth over three years ago. Same happy smile, same couch, a familiar adorable hospital cap on a baby with lots and lots of Semitic hair on her head.

The hat is in fact familiar for a reason. As Cohen shared in an Instagram story, “I’ve got Ben’s hat that he wore home from the hospital for Lucy.”

Lucy isn’t a Jewish name, per se, but it is a great name choice from the devoted “Peanuts” fan (Cohen loves decking Ben in merch of the beloved comics and cartoon series, and we’re sure he’ll continue that tradition with Lucy). Eve, on the other hand, is a lovely Jewish name, that of the first Jewish biblical woman, and possibly also an homage to Andy’s incredible Jewish mom, Evelyn Cohen.

Just as he did when he announced Ben’s birth, Cohen made sure to thank his daughter’s surrogate in the post, writing, “Thank you to my rock star surrogate (ALL surrogates are rockstars, by the way).”


The post got lots of love from fellow celebs and friends. Everyone from Ricki Lake to Billy Eichner to, of course, Cohen’s BFF Anderson Cooper wished the dad and his new daughter a hearty mazel tov.

But the best wish came from Cohen’s longtime friend and fellow New Yorker Sarah Jessica Parker, who wrote: “Oh Lucy Eve we are madly in love with you already. Congratulations Andy. All hands on deck and ready. Ben is a big brother!!!!! So much love from our family to yours!!” So sweet.

Cohen himself seemed, understandably, overwhelmed with joy. “I’m just full of emotion. She’s so sweet. And I feel really, really lucky. So thank you for all the love and more to come,” he shared in an Instagram story from the hospital. He also shared a picture of baby Lucy, a day after she was born, in her little plastic hospital rolling crib, which he captioned, “Greetings from Cloud 9! #ILoveLucy”

The most important moment — the meeting between big brother Ben and Lucy — happened two days later, and it seems like Ben is already very much in love with his little sister. Cohen posted a video of his son, who recently celebrated his third birthday in a very special way, talking to and sharing his excitement about his little sister on his Instagram stories. The three were cuddled together on a couch, with Ben kissing the baby’s head.

In the video, Cohen asked Ben if he was happy to see his little sister, to which the toddler replied, “Yeah. She’s sleeping. She’s making little noises.” (Our hearts!) He also told his dad that he loved his baby sister, and that “she wants to say ‘hi’ to me.” Truly, a melt-worthy moment.

If that’s not enough, Cohen also shared a lovely photo of Ben holding Lucy and kissing those sweet rosy baby cheeks on his timeline:

As Jewish star Sandra Bernhard commented on the photo: “It’s too much Andy, two beautiful Neshamah’s,” using the Hebrew word for soul. “Mazel Tov honey & a thousand blessings on you all!”

Lots of mazels to Andy! We can’t wait to see all of Lucy’s incredible outfits and witness more sweet moments from one of our favorite Jewish families.

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