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Kveller’s Last Minute Passover Seder Tips & Tricks


Passover starts Friday night, which means we’re rushing around trying to get everything prepared. We have a feeling that you’re probably doing the same, so we rounded up some of our favorite and best resources on Kveller:


Passover Basics

How to Tell The Passover Story to Kids

Passover, Explained

Download the Kveller Haggadah For Free

How to Set a Seder Plate

How to Teach Kids to Say the Four Questions (Ma Nishtana)

Passover Seder Must-Haves

How to Recite The Four Questions

Why Do We Hide the Afikomen?

7 Passover Seder Plates That Won’t Break the Bank

9 Haggadahs That Will Make Your Passover Seder Perfect

The Glamorous Housewife’s Guide to Hosting Your First Passover Seder

5 Passover Seder Hacks You Need to Know

How to Keep Your Kids Entertained

10 Ways To Make the Passover Seder Fun

How to Survive a Seder With Kids

5 Passover Movies to Watch With Your Kids

These Are the Absolute Best Spots to Hide the Afikomen

5 Kid-Friendly Haggadahs For Your Passover Celebration

Passover Crafting

This Chocolate Seder Is the Perfect Passover Activity for Your Kids

Passover Songs

5 Kid-Friendly Passover Movies You Can Stream Online

10 Easy Tips to Avoid a Boring Seder

4 Afikomen Prizes That Are Better Than A Few Bucks

6 Kitchy Passover Gifts & Accessories for the Whole Family

4 Ways Kids Can Help Prepare for the Passover Seder

Recipes & Food

These Kid-Friendly Passover Meals Will Get You Through All 8 Days of the Holiday

Here’s What to Feed Your Baby This Passover

Passover Survival Tips for Vegans

Mayim Bialik: My Super Easy Moroccan Salad Recipe for Passover

Funfetti Matzah Cake for Passover


Passover Trail Mix Two Ways & Other Great Snack Ideas

Matzah Balls

Matzah Pizza Your Way

Brisket Recipe

Chopped Liver Recipe

Happy Passover!

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