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How Jewish Celebrities Celebrated Hanukkah 2022


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Hanukkah 2022 was all sorts of epic. We got the King of England dancing the hora, the first presidential menorah, the first good Hallmark Hanukkah movie and Adam Lambert singing the Hanukkah prayers on British TV.

In a year when antisemitism is on the rise, it felt like more celebrities than ever were talking, singing and posting about their Hanukkah experiences and celebrations. Here’s how our favorite Jewish celebrities celebrated Hanukkah this year — or at least, here’s whatever they shared about it on social media.

Beau Biden Jr.

The Jewish grandson of President Joe Biden wore Hanukkah pajamas while toddling along the White House lawn and we’re slightly obsessed. Get all the details here.

Doug Emhoff

Jewish second Gentleman Doug Emhoff spoke out against antisemitism, thanked his wife Kamala for bringing a menorah to their first holiday celebration as a couple and lit the menorah with a crowd of over 300 people by the Naval Observatory, the residence of the Vice President. He also decked his Christmas tree with some lovely Jewish ornaments.

He also shared a great conversation with food influencer Eitan Bernath about Hanukkah traditions, antisemitism and Jewish pride:

Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik, who made one of our favorite movies of the year, really aced Hanukkah this year, sharing daily photos of her and her menorah, a picture of her in Midrash Manicure’s Hanukkah pajamas, her cat menorah (need!) and her “Call Me Kat” ugly Hanukkah sweater. We also got a picture of her lighting the menorah on the set of “Jeopardy!”

President Volodymyr Zelensky

The Jewish leader of Ukraine wished Jewish Ukrainians and Jews around the world happy Hanukkah in Hebrew. He used the Hanukkah story to help uplift his people and honestly, wow:

Marlee Matlin

History-making actress and producer Marlee Matlin shared her tinsel dreidel and a sweet Hanukkah message (fun fact: Matlin’s interpreter Jack Jason is also Jewish!).

Adam Lambert

“American Idol” runner-up and very nice Jewish boy Adam Lambert sang the Hanukkah blessing on British TV and it was everything we wanted and more. 


@Adam Lambert #creditstotheowner

♬ Ordinary World – Adam Lambert

Tovah Feldshuh

Actress Tovah Feldshuh shared her childhood Hanukkah memories with radio station WQXR — they include latkes with Mott’s apple sauce and all the kids in her family having to share one dreidel in their yearly games.


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A post shared by WQXR (@wqxr_classical)

She also shared some fun pictures of her family’s annual Hanukkah bash:


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A post shared by Tovah Feldshuh (@tovahfeld)

Busy Phillips

We love a celeb with a handmade menorah. This mushroom one from Busy Philips, a mom to two Jewish daughters, is just so cute! Yes, some may say it’s not kosher, but I say let’s not worry about that and just admire it for its beauty.

Amy Schumer

On the first night of Hanukkah, Amy Schumer, who has really been meeting this Jewish moment in America, shared a tweet from Jewish comedian Ariel Elias urging followers not to ask Jews when Hanukkah is… but we have a feeling that, as the great J Cole song says, she knows.


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A post shared by @amyschumer

Anna Marie Tendler

John Mulaney’s Jewish ex-wife and social media darling Anna Marie Tendler shared a self-portrait of her surrounded by candles, wishing followers a Happy Hanukkah, and it’s truly the Hanukkah vibe we’re looking for.


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A post shared by Anna Marie Tendler (@annamtendler)

Melissa Rivers

Melissa rives shared this glamorous picture of her mom, the late and oh-so-great Joan Rivers with a menorah. She also spelled Hanukkah both ways, just so no one gets upset.

Rachel Bloom

Rachel Bloom shared a Hanukkah crown she made a few years ago, which says “fuck Nazis” and “you can’t kill us.”

“Isn’t it fun how this paper hat I made at a Hanukkah party a couple of years ago is still relevant?” she wrote. “Happy Hanukkah. Stay safe, everyone.”


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A post shared by Rachel Bloom (@racheldoesstuff)

She also shared her Hanna Anderson Hanukkah pajamas and sweater, with the caption “trying on outfits for the Met Ball.” Honestly, I think she looks ball-ready.

Benj Pasek (and Mariah Carey)

Jewish composer Benj Pasek got Mariah Carey to wish us all a “happy Hanukkah,” and he truly deserves all the awards for this feat. Now please get Mariah to record a Hanukkah song for us so that we can die happy.

Carole King

Carole King’s “Chanukah Prayer” is one of my favorite celebrity Hanukkah songs of all time, and this year the Jewish singer and songwriter shared her menorah, which some of you may remember from the background of her pandemic musical sessions, lit up for the first night.


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A post shared by Carole King (@carole_king)

American Girl Doll

American Girl Doll Rebecca Rubin is a Jewish celebrity of a kind, I think it’s fair to say. Which is the reason I am sharing this truly unhinged video of her (why is she happy about her dreidel landing on shin? What does challah have to do with Hanukkah celebrations? Why does this feel like the beginning of a horror movie?) that the American Girl Doll account shared this Hanukkah — and not so that we can all share the same mental scars after watching it.


The Jewish girl band shared a video of themselves charging up for Hanukkah the night before the holiday, and it was honestly the best reminder that the holiday was coming. I need this as my Hanukkah is coming alarm every year.



♬ Original Sound – Unknown


Last year, Pink shared her and daughter Willow singing the Hanukkah blessings. This year, Pink, who made her mother’s kugel recipe last month on TikTok live, got on stage at the Foo Fighters Hanukkah concert to sing her bar and bat mitzvah classic “Get This Party Started” — announcing to the crowd that her name is Alicia and she is Jewish.


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A post shared by Foo Fighters (@foofighters)

Jewish actor and singer Jack Black joined the performance, which was badass, even though Pink forgot some key lyrics of her 2001 classic.

“All for the Jews! Happy to be a part of the light. Always keeping up the good fight and currently working on lyric recall,” she wrote on Instagram.


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Jake Tapper

CNN’s Jake Tapper shared a picture of his latkes! They look delish.

Chuck Schumer

Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer shared a picture of his granddaughter Ellie’s first Hanukkah celebration. We spot a Target Hanukkah pajama and a baby who is very much captivated by her zayde!


Billie Jean King

Tennis legend Billie Jean King isn’t Jewish, but her partner of many, many years, Ilana Kloss, is (as was her first husband, Larry King). She shared a message urging her followers to embrace the light within them, as well as a photo of her and Kloss holding out a Hanukkah card. So sweet!

Randy Rainbow

Musical comedian Randy Rainbow shared his very unique rendition of the Hanukkah prayer, which contains mentions of Mel Gibson, Elon Musk and Kanye West. We think this has potential.

Judd Apatow

Filmmaker and Jewish dad of two Judd Apatow kicked off this year’s Foo Fighters Hanukkah Sessions with his rendition of “Spinning Wheel,” which he dedicated to Garry Marshall and Hank Kingsley. It was a really, really awesome performance. Jewish dad energy on fleek (I know the kids don’t say that anymore but you know what I mean).

Bette Midler

“Hocus Pocus 2” star (and Jewish diva) Bette Midler wished her Jewish followers “the happiest holiday ever.” Thanks Bette, sorry for always calling you out on your bad tweets, and hope you had a great one!


Julian Edelman

Julian. Edelman. And. A. Menorah. You’re welcome.

Harlan Coben

Jewish bestselling author Harlan Coben shared a picture of his dogs and Hanukkah dog toys. We thank him for that gift.

Larry David/Richard Lewis

On the first night of Hanukkah Larry David gave to me, news of season 12 of “Curb” starting production!

Julie Klausner

Comedian, podcast host and “Difficult Person” Julie Klausner shared her very pretty electric menorah, which has the word “shalom” on it.


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A post shared by Julie Klausner (@julieklausner)

Billy Eichner

Eichner kind of phoned in this Hanukkah greeting (it’s fine), but it’s a good opportunity to remind you that “Bros” is one of the best Jewish rom-coms of the year and it’s now streaming on Peacock.

Iliza Shlesinger

Comedian and new mom Iliza Shlesinger shared a pertinent quote from an Under Armour commercial along with a picture of her little one and her lit menorah. We lol-ed.

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler also phoned it in this year, as he does every year, because his Hanukkah greetings to the internet are very much the Jewish dad brand. This year he shared a clip of his classic, “The Chanukah Song.”

Josh Gad

Actor Josh Gad shared a picture of his very pretty glass menorah that’s shaped like a Jewish star.


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Andy Cohen

Bravo showrunner and host Andy Cohen shared a picture of him, son Ben and daughter Lucy looking at their lit menorah. My heart melted faster than Hanukkah candles.


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A post shared by Andy Cohen (@bravoandy)

Alex Edelman and Beanie Feldstein:

Comedian Alex Edelman and actress Beanie Feldstein were among some of the very awesome Jewish guests at this year’s White House Hanukkah party. Here they are, with Joe. Up yours, Kanye, indeed.


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