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How Jewish Stars Celebrated Mother’s Day

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Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the mamas working around the clock during these tough times! 

Though this year’s celebration of our most favorite matriarchs was certainly different than most, there’s one thing we can always count on: Jewish celebrities posting heartwarming odes to the women who made them who they are. 

From Alex Borstein to Mark Zuckerberg, enjoy this adorable roundup of how Jewish stars celebrated Mother’s Day. 

1. Alex Borstein

Jewish mom, actress, and comedian extraordinaire Alex Borstein has been nailing this whole social-distancing thing. Working around the clock to keep her kids entertained and educated, the The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel actress got the Mother’s Day celebration she truly deserves. Luckily for us voyeurs, she shared some of her kid’s tributes to social media. 

“Even her card has her calling my name over and over and over again,” Borstein captioned a photo of her daughter’s Mother’s Day card. “The pleasure is all mine. Thanks for making me a mommy and reminding me all day long.” 

How’d she spend her special day? Just take a look at this “e-card” the comedian made on Instagram.

“A stolen pic of mom staring at the TV. I look like a fucking corpse. A happy corpse with a little dog,” Borstein wrote. 

Last, but not least, Borstein made a post to thank her mother, the most “fabulous bitch on the planet.”

“Thank you for my attitude problem. Thank you for my appetite for life. And thank you for loving me even when I felt unloveable,” Borstein wrote. “Nagyon szeretlek.” (That’s “I love you very much” in Hungarian.)

2. Natalie Portman

One of our favorite Jewish moms Natalie Portman has a favorite Jewish mom of her own: Shelley Stevens. 

Portman — who shares kids Aleph and Amalia with her husband, Benjamin Millepied — shared a lovely photo with her mom on Instagram and told her followers that her “first blessing in life was to be born to my mom.” That’s a mighty compliment!

“And now I’m blessed by my kids who turned me into a mom and make me smile and laugh every single day — and who make me appreciate my mom even more for all the invisible things she did for me that I realize now as I try to live up to her mothering,” Portman said. Aww.

3. Jemima Kirke

English-American artist, actress, and Jewish mom Jemima Kirke had herself a well-deserved Mother’s Day for raising children Rafella and Memphis, who she shares with ex-husband Michael Mosberg.

It started  with a gorgeous vintage gold necklace from her daughter, followed by a post dedicated to her mom, Lorraine.

“Thank you for all that you do not least of all paying for therapy for over 20 years!” Kirke captioned the post. LOL!

After sharing a decade-old photo of her younger self — taken after giving birth to her eldest —  Jewish mom dedicated a brutally honest post to her nanny!

“I can’t stand playing with children so you’ve saved them and me a whole lot of boredom,” Kirke said. “Thank you for making me a better mother and for being nothing short of another mom to my children.”

We applaud Kirke for giving credit where credit is due, and for her hilarious honesty.

4. Barbra Streisand

Queen of absolutely everything, Jewish mom and bubbe Barbra Streisand shared the most adorable then-and-now photos on social media with her son, Jason Gould. 

“Aww thanks mom — how lucky am I to have you as my mom,” Gould commented. “Beyond grateful always.” 

To honor her own mother, Streisand shared a vintage video of a phone call she had with her own mom on a live talk show. Watch it, it’s adorably hilarious.  

5. Zach Braff

Jewish actor Zach Braff (of Scrubs fame) posted an adorable photo on social media of him smooching his Jewish mom on the cheek. 

“I feel so lucky to say that I could not have had a better Mom,” Braff wrote. 

6. Patton Oswalt

Try not to tear up from actor Patton Oswalt’s Mother’s Day post to his Jewish wife, Meredith Salenger. 

“Back when travel was a thing we’d Facetime every night I was on the road and your heat and beauty beamed through the screen at me as if you were in the room. And when going to restaurants still existed I’d stare in awe at you through the candlelight and wonder what heaven you fell from to be with me.”

“And when the three of us could still go out for a casual adventure I’d always be excited about what goofy, interesting things you’d spontaneously think to do. Now that we’re all sealed inside our house you make everyday fun and peaceful. I will NEVER be able to equal what you do for Alice and me, every day, by your simple existing. But I will try to make every morning hopeful and every evening fun,” Oswalt wrote. 

We’re not crying, you’re crying! 

7. Amy Schumer

New to the Jewish mom club, comedian Amy Schumer took to Instagram to shout out her husband Chris Fischer’s mom, Jean. 

“I never got to meet you but I love you,” she wrote. “Thanks for bringing that little guy into the world.”

8. Beanie Feldstein 

Actress Beanie Feldstein shared a cute photo with her proud Jewish mom, Sharon Feldstein, on Instagram, wishing the “queen of the whole world” a happy Mother’s Day. 

“My mom cares about everything and taught me to care about everyone. She doesn’t just care for her kids and grandkids, but for all her kids. I am endlessly proud to be her daughter. You’re my hero, Shay!” Feldstein wrote.

9. Jonah Hill 

Next up: Feldstein’s brother, actor and producer Jonah Hill!

Hill shared a sweet photo to Instagram of himself smooching his mom on the cheek.

10. Rashida Jones

Jewish mom and actress Rashida Jones’ mother, actress Peggy Lipton, passed away last year on May 11th, so Jones took this Mother’s Day as an opportunity to remember her. 

In an Instagram post, the actress shared a heartwarming image with Lipton from her Harvard college graduation. 

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful ones who hold it down with their unconditional love and fortitude and wisdom and protection and support, on this earth and beyond,” Rashida said. “I miss mine everyday.” 

11. Chelsea Peretti

Jewish comedian and mom Chelsea Peretti  — she shares baby Beaumont with husband Jordan Peele — is one of the funniest mamas on Instagram, especially during quarantine. 

Keeping up with her food-filled Instagram feed, Peretti shared a picture of a scrumptious looking piece of rhubarb pie and “second coffee for Mother’s Day” with a very raw caption: 

“I happen to be very emo this pandemic Mother’s Day and thankful to all the women who have taught me so much about mothering and hopeful that our kids will change the world?” Peretti shared. 

Mother’s Day isn’t just for mothers, though, the comedian said. “Also feel grateful to all the nurturers period — be it a dog, a garden, a friend, a cousin, those who shine their light and love on others selflessly. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO UR BITCH ASSES TOO!” Peretti said. 

Peretti also shared a throwback photo with her mom with an even lengthier, mushy caption: 

12. Abbi Jacobson 

Jewish actress and comedian Abbi Jacobson of Broad City fame shared an adorable photo of her younger self with her beautiful mom.

Fans of Jacobson’s sitcom will remember her mom actually had a cameo in Broad City, along with co-star Ilana Glazer’s real mom.

13. Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook mogul and Jewish dad Mark Zuckerberg shared a sweet photo on Instagram for Mother’s Day of his wife, Priscilla Chan, and their two daughters, Max and August, playing Legos together. 

“A big thank you to all the moms out there who have poured your hearts and hard work into nurturing your children to create a better future for them and all of us,” Zuckerberg wrote.

14. Gal Gadot

Brace yourselves for this adorable photo of a very young Gal Gadot

“Ima [Mom in Hebrew].. this picture says it all. You are ALWAYS there for me, making sure I won’t fall. And you’re always happy to be there,” Gadot wrote to her mom. “Happy Mother’s Day to the perfect mom anyone could wish for.” 

Even superheroes need their moms!

15. Matisyahu

Jewish singer Matisyahu has a new mom in his life — his wife! In March, the musician and his partner Talia Dressler welcomed baby Esti River Miller, which makes Matisyahu’s kinder number five (he shared three children from his first marriage, and another daughter with a former girlfriend). 

“These last two months have been so special even in the midst of this craziness,” Matisyahu wrote on Instagram. “To be home with you and Esti and the boys has been something I’ve been missing since I started running around this crazy world. Thank you for giving me a home. I love you.”

16. Drake

When Jewish rapper Drake shared exclusive photos of his son, Aubrey Drake Graham, last month, the internet went wild. Why? Well, he never-before-seen photos of baby Aubrey were stunning — and they showed the world that he looks just like his grandma, Drake’s mom, Sandra Graham!

This Mother’s Day, the Canadian musician gave us something else to kvell about: a photo of mama Graham hugging baby Drake.

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the big time women out there doing the hardest work on god’s green earth,” Drake wrote.

17. Moshe Kasher

Leave it to Jewish comedian Moshe Kasher to wish both his wife, Natasha Leggero, and his mother a very happy Mother’s Day in the most Kasher way possible: with a joke. 

The comedian, who shares a hilarious toddler daughter with Leggero, shared an obscure picture of what looks like a floating bodiless woman. 

“To my dear mother and the mother of my child (you are both) everyday you inspire me with your greatness and your vision. Without you life would be futile. I assimilate to your love,” Kasher wrote. 

We really hope Leggero appreciated the joke!!!

18. Pink 

Despite being a household name, Jewish mom and singer Pink faces the same dilemma as many moms: always the photographer, never the photographer’s subject. 

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the picture takers of the family that can find 5,000 photos of their families and none of them,” Pink wrote. “And to all the mamas that miss their mamas.”

Stars, they’re just like us!

19. Rachel Bloom

How did Crazy Ex Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom celebrate her first Mother’s Day with husband Dan Gregor? Ogling their new bundle of joy, of course!

“My body made her bones,” Bloom wrote. “What the fuck.” 

20. Dianna Agron 

Jewish actress Dianna Agron might be a blonde bombshell as an adult, but as a toddler, she was a fresh-faced brunette. One thing is the same: her adorable smile. 

For Mother’s Day, the Glee actress shared a sweet childhood photo on Instagram with her mom, and it’s exactly the kind of throwback celebrity photos we crave. 

“She’s always been in my corner,” Agron said.

21. Tiffany Haddish

Jewish actress and comedian Tiffany Haddish recently celebrated her bat mitzvah, and Jews everywhere — us included — were verklempt

On Instagram, Haddish shared a photo of her mother, who looks strikingly similar to the comedian: “I been looking thru pictures all day of you and this one post sums it all up. I remember you saying you hate talking [sic] pictures cause the camera catches your thoughts. I see what you mean now. I love you no matter what you thinking about mama.”

22. Nick Kroll

Nick Kroll has a big mouth — he’s not shy about it on Big Mouth, his adult animated series — and he used it to kvell about his Jewish mom on Instagram. 

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. But specifically to my mom who has been the best mother to me and my siblings and so many more. This year more than most I am blown away by how much mothers do to keep families together. I’m grateful to all of them but especially my own,” Kroll said.

23. Sarah Jessica Parker

Mah jongg extraordinaire and Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker shares a brood of children with husband Matthew Broderick, so her lengthy Instagram post for Mother’s Day is well warranted. 

“1 day a year doesn’t seem adequate to celebrate all of you,” Parker ended the caption.

24. Judy Gold 

Jewish comedian Judy Gold went all-out for Mother’s Day with a plethora of hilarious posts. 

First up? A sketch by Gold and Renee Taylor called, “When Your Jewish mother is a Trump Supporter.” 

The Kill Me Now podcast host then shared a teaser for Comedy Central’s new documentary, Call Your Mother, featuring Gold and other comedians who “pay homage to their moms and the way they have helped to shape their work.” (Does this sound familiar? Gold joined Kveller’s podcast, Call Your Mother, as a guest last year!)

Hold up, Gold’s not done yet! The mom of two sons — Ben and Henry — honored her mother and grandmother with a throwback photo of the trio.

The last of Gold’s Mother’s Day tributes: Her son Ben’s girlfriend sent her a mug that says “thank you for raising the man of my dreams.” 

“The BEST Mother’s Day gift your son’s girlfriend could give you,” Judy said.

25. Selma Blair

Throughout her MS diagnosis, Jewish mom Selma Blair — she shares son Arthur with ex-husband Ahmet Zappa — has blown us away with her power and courage. Between her son Arthur helping to shave Blair’s head, and the countless adoring photos the Jewish actress shares on Instagram, it’s clear she’s got a good one taking care of her at home.

This Mother’s Day, Blair took the opportunity to shoutout her son and her mother, Molly.

“Arthur doesn’t know [Molly] well. She is in Michigan. But when he has been with her, he held her hand. He gave her flowers from my sister’s garden. He made me proud,” Blair wrote. “May we know who we are and have the best to teach our children (mine is on Fortnite now so maybe I have slacked a bit).”

Nope, you’re doing just fine, Selma.

26. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Last up is forever Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar, also known as Selma Blair’s forever BFF.

As of late, the Jewish mom — she shares two kids with hunky husband Freddie Prinze Jr. — has been sharing quarantine tips on Instagram. For Mother’s Day, the actress had the best tip of them all:

“Teach your family about social distancing today, by social distancing from them,” Gellar said. “Happy Mother’s day.”

From Kveller to all the mamas out there: We see you, and we appreciate you, and we hope your Mother’s Day was one to remember!

Header image of Gal Gadot by Pascal Le Segretain/Staff; Natalie Portman by Amy Sussman/Film Magic; Barbra Streisand by Taylor Hill/Getty Images; Amy Schumer by Galai/Getty Images for Meteor Shower; Chelsea Peretti by Rachel Luna/Getty Images

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