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How Jewish Celebrities Celebrated Passover in 2021

On this second pandemic Passover, Jewish celebrities are once again demonstrating that, yes, stars are just like us.

While the lifestyles of professional actors and athletes do not always reflect our own, in recent days, many high-profile Jews around the world took to social media to share messages of hope, resistance, and familial love — which, as we all know, are the basic themes of Passover for us regular folk, too.

Here is how some of our favorite Jewish celebrities celebrated Passover this year:

1. Mandy Patinkin

We recently learned that our icon, Mandy Patinkin, says three Jewish prayers to his dog every morning. In this delightful video — shared on Instagram at the beginning of Passover — we are able to see and hear Patinkin’s prayers (Shema, Mi Shebeirach, and HaMotzi) in action. At the end of the video, Patinkin and his son, Gideon, wish their viewers a “Chag sameach” and “Happy Pesach.” Our hearts are fully melted.

2. Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik — who already blessed us with this breakdown of what Passover is all about — gave her followers the gift of an Instagram live, made up of a lovely tour of her kosher-for-Passover kitchen. She shows us her foil-covered countertops and Passover dish ware, and also describes her delicious vegan chicken soup and how to make vegan matzah balls. Such fun insight into a celeb’s kosher home!

3. Doug Emhoff

The Jewish second gentleman took to Twitter on Saturday to share an adorable throwback photo of himself and his siblings wearing “matching Passover outfits” — something he first mentioned during his heartwarming opening remarks for the virtual White House Passover Seder. He writes, “It was an absolute honor to help host the White House Passover Celebration this week. I wasn’t kidding when I said my mom dressed my siblings and me in matching outfits for Seder. From my family to yours, wishing you a happy, healthy Passover.” Aww.

4. Abby Stein

On Sunday, the trans Jewish activist (and an extra on Unorthodox!)made a lovely post on Instagram, reclining in front of a decked out seder table, and inviting her followers to remember how the seder’s symbols of freedom should prompt us to take action. She writes, “Symbols are merely a reminder to push us into action. In the past, reclining symbolized that. Today — it’s all about activism, and action, on the streets, at homes, and beyond. Symbolic freedom is great when it brings forth the goal of ‘freedom and liberation for all.’” Such a great message to keep in mind this holiday!

5. Bette Midler

Bette Midler warmed our hearts by posting a short video of herself acting in a bit in which she pretended to be the Prophet Elijah. The clip originally appeared in last night’s Saturday Night Seder, a celeb-clad virtual benefit for the CDC Foundation. She jokes that while many viewers would expect Elijah to be a man, only she could “keep that kind of schedule.” Midler also reminds pandemic Passover celebrants to “wash your hands” and, above all, to “be good to each other.”

6. Amar’e Stoudemire

NBA All-Star Amar’e Stoudemire, who finished his conversion to Orthodox Judaism this summer, celebrated the arrival of Passover with his family. He writes on Instagram, “Nothing better then spending Passover and Feast of Unleavened bread with my beautiful family… #StatFam #StoudemireStats B”H”.

7. Jennifer Weiner

Jennifer Weiner, the bestselling author who once told Kveller that she bakes challah every Friday, posted on Instagram a delectable photo of matzah toffee, writing “It’s that time! #matzohcandy.” It most certainly is! Check out our favorite recipe for matzah candy (or matzah toffee) here.

8. Sandy Rogen

We love to follow Sandy Rogen — the hilarious Jewish mom of actor and comedian Seth Rogen — on social media. This week, she tweeted a photo of herself donning festive matzah ball earrings. We’re obsessed.

9. Josh Malina

On the first night of Passover, Jewish actor and West Wing star Josh Malina made this hilarious (and very Jewish) tweet about seder blunders: “I have misplaced my zeroa (lamb shank bone), so my dad is attempting to split his in two. If the Seder plate called for a human femur, he’d offer me half of his.” The parental sacrifice themes are too real!


10. Maya Vander

Israeli mom Maya Vander, star of the Netflix reality series Selling Sunset, posted a super sweet holiday message on her Instagram, starring her adorable boys and her low-profile husband. She writes, “Happy spring🌸! Wishing happy Passover and early Easter 🐣” Thanks, Maya! We hope you’re able to take a break from the cutthroat real estate market and spend some QT with your kiddos!

11. Nissim Black

Jewish rapper Nissim Black marked Passover with a moving message on Instagram. “During Passover, every Jew is supposed to see themselves as if they were a slave, rescued from Egypt. Happy Passover to all 🙏🏾,” he wrote, with an arresting, accompanying image of himself in ancient Israelite garb. The post honors Black’s African American and Jewish heritages, creating a very powerful message to his followers.

12. Josh Gad

Broadway actor Josh Gad posted on Twitter a photo of his Passover haggadah, writing “Let’s do this thang.” We hope his thang went well!

13. Ilana Glazer

And last but certainly not least, we just have to highlight this amazing comment from Jewish (and newly pregnant!) comedian Ilana Glazer. On Alma’s Instagram reel of a recipe for Matzah mac and cheese (originally from The Nosher), Ilana aptly commented “YUUUUUM DUUUUUDE.” We have to agree, and happy Passover to all!

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