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How Jewish Celebrities Are Dealing With Social Distancing

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Since coronavirus officially became a pandemic, just about everyone around the globe is stocking up groceries and toilet paper (enough!), hunkering down and/or “sheltering in place,” and voraciously consuming all the anxiety-reducing tips they find. 

Not surprisingly, in these unprecedented times, celebrities are no different. In the ultimate “Stars, they’re just like us!” post, we rounded up how our favorite Jewish celebrities are dealing with the global crisis. 

1. Gal Gadot 

Prior to posting her star-studded “Imagine” video — which many loved and possibly more hated — Kveller’s forever Wonder Woman Gal Gadot posted on Instagram that her real life super power is “staying home.” (Yeah!) Dressed in a black sweatsuit and adorable cheetah-print fuzzy slippers, the Jewish mom shared a mirror selfie from inside her spacious closet with a helpful caption. 

“Please everyone take care of yourself, your loved ones and us all. This situation should not be taken lightly. The sooner we all stay home and keep ourselves from catching this very contagious virus the sooner we can go back to our lives without losing our lives #WeAreAllOne.”

2. Alex Borstein

Jewish mom Alex Borstein is dealing with coronavirus in the most Jewish way possible — through humor. We wrote about the Maisel star’s strategy for being quarantined with her two kids, and over the weekend the actress continued pumping out much needed content from her home in Barcelona. 

Being quarantined for an indefinite time doesn’t seem so bad when you’re with Borstein, eh?

Borstein’s master plan under lockdown? Feed her son enough meals to “make him grow faster so I get all dem shoes!!!!”

3. Amy Schumer

New to the Jewish mom club, comedian Amy Schumer has been sharing Instagram posts to spread some cheer under quarantine. 

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

The actress also rounded up a very useful list of bingeable TV shows, but the best glimpse into Schumer’s quarantined life on the Upper West Side is an adorable video of her son Gene Attell Fisher, whom she shares with husband Chris Fischer, learning to walk.

4. Natalie Portman

How’s our Israeli Jewish mom Natalie Portman holding up? The Vox Lux actress hasn’t shared many behind-the-scenes from the Portman household, but in true tikkun olam fashion she’s been sharing helpful tips on how to survive the pandemic. 

After a gorgeous image of hamantaschen she made for Purim, Portman posted an at-home workout her dad found online, and on her highlighted Instagram stories, the Jewish celebrity added a few ways her followers can “support organizations fighting the COVID-19 outbreak.” 

“It’s a scary time, but it’s also an opportunity for us all to come together and take care of one another,” Portman wrote. 


How is Portman taking care of her children Amalia and Aleph? With crafts! The trio made collages and a mini princess felt pig.


5. Pink

Fierce Jewish mama Pink is using laughter to soothe corona-induced anxiety. In an adorable Instagram video the singer attempted to do some “super relaxing yoga” with her son Jameson, 3, clinging to her back like a bear cub. 

Pink also shared a photo that’s going viral among other celebrities of a couch with text that reads, “Our elders were called to war to save lives. We are being called to sit on the couch to save theirs. We can do this.” 

Anne Frank didn’t have wifi,” the Jewish mom captioned the image.

Always coming in clutch, Pink also shared an Instagram video of a schedule she made for Jameson and Willow, 6.

An extra special touch, the Jewish mom gave her followers a “free concert slash piano lessons from my heart to yours.”

6. Chelsea Peretti

Hilarious Jewish mom Chelsea Peretti is battling the coronavirus pandemic in the second-most Jewish way possible: food. 

The Brooklyn 99 star has been cooking up a storm and we’re loving every moment of it! Peretti shared an image of a delicious bean stew and homefries with the caption: “Even tho I’m scared we r alll gonna die I made homefries in the style of mamas royal cafe in OAKLANd the homefries I compare all the rest to forevermore…” 

Peretti also shared an image of vegan ravioli, but when vegan queen Natalie Portman was quick to comment, “Yum did you make that pasta???” Peretti confessed, “Listen I wish I cud say yes but no I absolutely did not.” 

After a slew of food pictures on her Instagram page, Peretti shared several news articles on COVID-19 with captions like: “Stay in and minimize unnecessary social contact to the best of your ability.”

7. Nikki Glazer

What’s Jewish comedian Nikki Glazer up to under quarantine? Facetiming her sister and nephew, of course!

“Facetiming with my sister made me feel for all the parents of small kids out there who are practicing social distancing. You’re doing the right thing ever though it’s hard! Stay strong and play a lot of hide and seek — the kind where you take forever to find them. Or the kind where you hide from them really really well.”

8. Alison Brie and Dave Franco

Alison Brie, who just debuted her film Horse Girl on Netflix, is holed up with her hunky husband Dave Franco and their cat in matching sweatsuits, staying far, far away from the outside world.

9. Natasha Leggero and Moshe Kasher

Our favorite Jewish mom Natasha Leggero and her fellow comedian husband, Moshe Kasher, are still pumping out episodes for their Endless Honeymoon podcast. Aside from that? They’re trying to stay sane as their toddler daughter runs rampant around the house, as per usual.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

“Now seems like a good time to let my child ruin my costume jewelry collection,” the comedian mom said.

Exhibit C:

“Only in the end times does a spatula get into the bathroom.”

On the upside, Leggero finally has an excuse to whip our her vast glove collection.

Kasher is definitely following his wife’s suit by injecting humor into this chaotic situation, but the comedian recently shared a very heartwarming photograph of his family commemorating the 20th anniversary of his father’s death. 

In an Instagram post, Kasher shared a photo of his family, including his brother, David Kasher, a rabbi, on a video call with a yahrtzeit candle. “Truly a surreal way to remember my father’s passing. 20 years. Cherish your parents folks — they don’t last forever.” 

10. Emmy Rossum

Actress Emmy Rossum, who is set to star as Angelyne, a limited series about Los Angeles’ “mysterious” Jewish billboard star and daughter of Holocaust survivors, is happy as a clam staying indoors with her crossword puzzles.

That is, except for when she ventures outside for “fresh air” while she stays “far away from any other human.”

11. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker, famed mah jongg fan, is spending time under quarantine playing “Heart and Soul” with “clean hands. Over and over. For however long.”

Along with flexing her musical skills, the Sex and the City star is keeping busy by doing her kids’ — James, 17, and twins Tabitha and Marion, 10, who she shares with Matthew Broderick — laundry. Oh, and one more thing, she’s also watching all 10 seasons of Columbo.

12. Troye Sivan

Queer icon Troye Sivan is providing his followers with an update on his COVID-19 anxiety attack on his Instagram story. After going for a run and feeling wheezy, he distracted himself with watching YouTube, taking his temperature and deep breathes.

“I’m here for you, love you guys, be safe,” Sivan added with a kiss.

On the brighter side, he’s taking the opportunity to grow out his beard for the first time. Good luck!

13. Jessica Mulroney

Jewish mom and stylist, and famed BFF to Meghan Markle, Jessica Mulroney celebrated her 40th birthday under quarantine. Sad? Not so much! Mulroney said “Quarantine birthday is the new rage and I’m not mad!”

14. Billy Eichner

Hilarious Jewish comedian Billy Eichner is giving tutorials on how to stay away from people who violate the 6-feet rule, and it’s hilarious. Just watch the video:

15. Sarah Silverman

Poor Sarah Silverman — the Jewish comedian flew to NYC to perform a show that was cancelled, but, yeah, that’s today’s norm. What’s heartbreaking is that the two boxes she shipped to her destination were lost, and one of them was filled with her mom’s old overalls. Apparently, the clothing was all she had left of her late mom.

16. Seth Rogen 

It’s business as usual in the Rogen household, where comedian Seth Rogen lives with his wife Lauren Miller Rogen and their adorable dog, Zelda (who Miller Rogen recently signed up for an Instagram-spoof of Netflix’s The Circle). With more time to tend to the hobby he is now known for, pottery, Rogen has shifted from exclusively making ashtrays and plant pots to creating a soap dispenser!

17. Sandy Rogen

Jewish grandma Sandy Rogen, Seth Rogen’s mom, is back with another super-handy tip: Stock up on liquor before Canada closes its stores!

18. Emily Ratajkowski

Actress and model Emily Ratajkowski has been documenting her self-quarantine on Twitter and Instagram, making the best of circumstances with her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClad. The couple don’t have a child, but they do share an “actual son and angel baby,” a puppy named Colombo, whose first birthday they celebrated earlier this week.

Like everyone else, COVID-19 has made the actress “the most exhausted and the most anxious,” but she’s dealing it with it by working from home, binge watching Love Is Blind, eating pizza with ranch, and taking glorious family selfies.

19. Mel Brooks

Actor, producer, comedian, father, and grandfather Mel Brooks, 93, and his son, Max Brooks, 47, created an incredible coronavirus PSA that you have to see for yourself. While his white-haired dad stands behind a glass door, Max explains the importance of social distancing.

20. Zoe Kravitz

Stunning Jewish actress Zoe Kravitz, the star of Hulu’s new show High Fidelity, shared a gloomy photo with her dog on Instagram. “Self(ie) quarantine. stay inside kids. one day at a time.”

21. Fran Drescher

On top of dealing with the pandemic, our favorite Jewish nanny, Fran Drescher, is coping with the recent loss of her dog, Samson. To vill the “daily void of myself” she adopted a new dog, Angel Grace, whom she featured in a lovely Instagram post:

“We can learn from this experience to distract less, use less, conserve more & make kindness and compassion your compass,” the Indebted star said.

22. Ben Platt

Jewish Broadway star Ben Platt shared his challah baking skills on Instagram and we are so here for it.

23. HAIM

The Jewish pop icons of HAIM — who also happen to be sisters! — Este, Danielle, and Alana, are giving their followers much needed quarantine content on Instagram.


What are the gals up to? They’re playing with puzzles and their dog.

24. Rachel Bloom

What in the world is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom up to under quarantine? She’s still very much pregnant with her first child, evident by her frequent baby bump selfie updates, and the Jewish actress jumped on the bandwagon and took a 23andMe test.


24. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Nothing can get witty Jewish mom Sarah Michelle Gellar down — the Buffy the Vampire Slayer star is coping with coronavirus through humor.

“You guys, I’ve been carrying these accessories before they were all the rage,” Gellar wrote on Instagram, referring to her Lysol bottle. “Who knew they would become collector items?!?

With a wooden stake in hand, the actress made Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans all over the world kvell with nostalgia. “Hmmm, found this on my walk today,” she said.

“And the adventures begin. Can I be your sidekick??” Gellar’s BFF Selma Blair commented.

“For life,” Gellar, 42, responded.

“Buffy, what are we doing to do now?” Gellar’s former co-star and Jewish celeb Michelle Trachtenberg asked.

As for her children, Charlotte and Rocky, the star and her hunky husband, Freddie Prinze Jr., have been filling their time with homeschooling and an abundance of board games.

Without her slayer powers Gellar can’t save us from coronavirus, but she’s certainly rescuing us from gloom with her witty posts!

25. Mayim Bialik 

Jewish mom and icon Mayim Bialik is keeping her kids, Frederick and Miles, busy with outdoor walks in the rain, even though the downpour made it feel like “the end of days.”

The Big Bang Theory star is practicing “social distance” and documenting it for all to see, showing off her “cat of the day” — the first being Nermal — and teaching her mom how to Facetime.


“It’s a new world for this quarantined bubbe,” Bialik said.

26. Dan Levy 

In the face of a global pandemic, Dan Levy — yes, Eugene Levy’s son — of Schitt’s Creek fame is keeping calm. How? With food and plenty of venting.

Levy just wants to know why people are bragging that they can work outside, and he wants to show off his breakfast for lunch special: waffles. To be clear, they are not made from scratch. Also, his hair looks like that because, well, it’s quarantine season.

dan levy

“Don’t be making waffles all the time,” Levy warned his followers. “We don’t need people getting gout.”

27. Adam Pally

Jessica Mulroney isn’t the only celebrity who turned another year older under quarantine: Jewish actor Adam Pally of Indebted just celebrated his 38th birthday.

28. Nick Kroll 

Work stops for no one — even Big Mouth creator Nick Kroll. The Jewish star and creator shared a Brady Bunch-esque video of his first “work-from home Big Mouth table read” featuring a plethora of Jewish celebrities and creators like Andrew Goldberg and Jenny Slate, and, of course, a non-Jewish Kveller favorite, John Mulaney (who will never stop reminding us that his wife is Jewish).

If you’re looking for more food inspo, Kroll also shared a delicious yet questionable (and non-kosher) “Apocalypse Sammy” consisting of peanut butter and bacon on an english muffin. Yum?

29. Josh Peck 

Jewish dad Josh Peck of Drake and Josh fame is spending his time as usual: making hilarious videos. The YouTuber documented his trip to the grocery store and picked up all sorts of essentials: Sun Chips, Pepsi, and the expensive kind of bottled water. You know, all the important quarantine items one needs.

30. Carole King

Fans need not worry about Jewish singer-songwriter Carole King — she’s doing just fine. The bubbe posted a lovely selfie on Facebook with an update on her quarantine. 

“This is me self-isolating as a healthy (knock on wood!) elder taking extra precautions. I just finished getting dressed as if I were going out. I even put a little bit of lipstick and blush and earrings. Despite being isolated, I’m making every effort to look and feel my best and do normal things such as making my bed, vacuuming, and doing yoga, stretching, and dancing. Don’t let the new ‘normal’ get you down. We will get through this.” 

That message provides enough hope and encouragement to last us through the pandemic!

31. Selma Blair

Jewish mom Selma Blair is a fighter, and she won’t let coronavirus get her down. How’s she dealing? With homemade chicken noodle soup and inspiring messages.

“Look to the horizon. The widest view. The pin point of where you are will catch the light. And that light will find another searcher. We needn’t be near one another to catch a glow. I care about us all. Let’s keep each other safe,” Blair wrote on Instagram. 


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